Kompolnas Ensures 2 DPOs for Vina’s Murder Are Not Removed, Investigation Still Ongoing

INDONESIAUPDATES.COM, News En – The National Police Commission (Kompolnas) asserted that the West Java (Jabar) Police have not delisted the two suspects on the wanted list (DPO) in the murder case of Vina and Eky, namely Andi and Dani. The names of Andi and Dani were reportedly missing from the West Java Police’s database following the arrest of a DPO named Pegi Setiawan alias Perong.

“Andi and Dani’s names remain after Pegi’s arrest, they have not been deleted. However, investigators currently believe based on the evidence that it is certain that they are not physically present,” said Kompolnas member Yusuf Warsyim when confirmed, Wednesday, May 29, 2024.

Yusuf, who is a permanent external supervisor, claimed to respect the authority and beliefs of investigators. However, Kompolnas advised and encouraged the police to continue digging for evidence to prove the involvement of the alleged perpetrators, Andi and Dani. “Until the trial process for suspect Pegi is held and a court decision is made,” said Yusuf.

National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo reportedly paid close attention to the ongoing investigation into the Vina and Eky murder cases. Especially since the murder case of Vina and Eky in 2016 went viral and when the case was reopened, it revealed the figure of Pegi, a DPO who was arrested in Bandung some time ago. Kompolnas also paid special attention. Several members of the National Police’s external supervisory body visited the West Java Regional Police to seek clarification regarding the handling of the Vina case from 8 years ago to the present.

Previously, the West Java Regional Police’s General Criminal Investigation Directorate (Ditreskrimum) had stated that the only remaining suspect on the DPO was Pegi Setiawan alias Perong. Meanwhile, the other two people, namely Dani and Andi, were said to have provided false statements from the perpetrators.

Ditreskrimum Polda West Java Kombes Surawan said the perpetrators gave different statements to investigators. Therefore, the police confirmed that Pegi alias Perong was the last perpetrator included in the DPO.

“So I need to emphasize here that there are not 11 suspects but 9. After we carried out a more in-depth investigation, it turned out that the two names mentioned so far were just casual mentions, there were no other suspects,” said Surawan at the West Java Regional Police Headquarters.

FAQ: Vina and Eky Murder Case

Q: What is the latest update on the investigation into the Vina and Eky murder case?

A: The National Police Commission (Kompolnas) confirms that the West Java Police are still looking for two DPOs (Andi and Dani) despite arresting another suspect, Pegi Setiawan. Investigators believe Andi and Dani might not be physically involved but are urging the police to continue searching for evidence against them.

Q: Is there any oversight on the investigation?

A: Yes. Kompolnas, the National Police’s external supervisory body, is following the case closely. They recently visited the West Java Police to understand the handling of the case over the past eight years.

Q: Why are there discrepancies in the number of suspects?

A: There seems to be some confusion regarding the number of suspects. Initial reports mentioned 11 suspects, while the West Java Police now claim there are only 9. The involvement of Andi and Dani is unclear and requires further investigation.

Q: What are the next steps in the investigation?

A: The investigation will proceed with Pegi Setiawan’s trial. Authorities will also continue searching for evidence to confirm or disprove the involvement of Andi and Dani.

Q: Where can I find more information about this case?

A: Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, official updates might be limited. You can try searching for reputable Indonesian news sources (in Bahasa Indonesia) for the latest developments.