Reconstruction of Ceceu’s Murder Reveals Alcohol Consumption Before the Crime

INDONESIAUPDATES.COM, News En – The reconstruction of Sutarjo’s (54) murder, also known as Ceceu, took place today, Friday (17/5/2024). The police stated that 27 scenes were re-enacted by a number of witnesses, including Adi (20), the murderer who was the central figure in the reconstruction. In this reconstruction, the victim was portrayed by a police officer.

From the series of scenes, one new revelation emerged to the public. It was revealed that the perpetrator and the victim had consumed alcohol together in the coastal area of Citepus, Palabuhanratu.

Based on the re-enactment observed by detikJabar, the scene began when Ceceu picked up his killer at the Palabuhanratu Terminal using a motorcycle. Upon arrival at the crime scene, they stored Adi’s belongings.

Not long after, they went back out and bought drinks. The re-enactment showed the victim getting off the motorcycle and buying drinks. After that, they went to hang out on Friday (3/5/2024) night. The location was in one of the beach areas in Citepus.

After finishing their drinks, they returned to the house where the crime took place, in a housing complex in Citepus Village, Palabuhanratu District. They hung out on the terrace for a while, then went inside the house to rest.

“There are a total of 27 scenes, starting from the victim picking up the perpetrator at the Palabuhanratu Terminal. Not long after, he was brought home in the afternoon, then they went out again and drank alcohol,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit, AKP Ali Jupri, to detikJabar.

Then, the perpetrator, who was sleeping at the time, woke up after feeling something strange. The victim came over and took off the perpetrator’s pants, at which point the perpetrator felt indecent movement on the back of his body.

“The victim was already naked, then it happened according to what we revealed some time ago during the release,” said Ali.

The victim was holding a knife in each hand, while under threat, the perpetrator then deflected the knife and turned it around to the victim’s neck. The victim was slammed, then the action stopped after hearing shouts from residents from outside the house, precisely in front of the fence.

FAQ: Reconstruction of Ceceu’s Murder Case

What is the latest development in the Ceceu murder case?

A reconstruction of the crime took place on Friday, May 17th, 2024, revealing new information.

What new information was revealed?

The reconstruction showed that the victim, Ceceu, and the perpetrator, Adi, consumed alcohol together before the murder.

What was the motive for the murder according to the perpetrator?

Adi claims he acted in self-defense after Ceceu made unwanted sexual advances.

What is the current status of the case?

The police are still investigating and haven’t released a final conclusion.