Vice President Ma’ruf Amin Inaugurates Cimanggis-Cibitung Toll Road, Travel Time Now 30 Minutes

INDONESIAUPDATES.COM, News En – The Cimanggis-Cibitung toll road has been inaugurated by Vice President Ma’ruf Amin, significantly reducing travel time between Cimanggis and Cibitung to around 30-45 minutes, down from the previous 1-2 hours using arterial roads. The inauguration ceremony took place on Tuesday, July 9, 2024, at the Cileungsi River Bridge KM 57+400 on the Cimanggis-Cibitung Toll Road in Cileungsi, Bogor.

Vice President Ma’ruf Amin highlighted that the opening of this 26.18-kilometer toll road is part of the government’s commitment to enhancing national connectivity to support economic growth and promote equitable development.

“Inter-regional connectivity in the Jakarta area and its surroundings is expected to increase with the integration of the Cimanggis-Cibitung Toll Road into the Jabodetabek toll road network,” said Ma’ruf.

The Cimanggis-Cibitung toll road is also a national strategic program (PSN), aimed at boosting efficiency and effectiveness in economic activities in the region.

During the inauguration, Ma’ruf Amin delivered three strategic messages regarding the toll road’s contribution to regional and national economic development:

  1. Broad Community Benefits: Ma’ruf stressed the importance of the toll road providing wide-ranging benefits to the community.
  2. Environmental, Social, and Governance Principles: He emphasized the need for infrastructure development to consider not just economic factors, but also environmental and social aspects.
  3. Sustainability: Ma’ruf underscored the importance of sustainable practices in toll road development. He noted that the construction of this toll road marks the beginning of a larger goal of achieving prosperity and equitable development. He also highlighted the need for regular maintenance to ensure long-term benefits and economic justice for local communities.
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In conclusion, Ma’ruf Amin expressed his hope that with reduced travel times and smoother inter-regional traffic, vehicle emissions would decrease, leading to broader positive impacts on the environment and society.

Pertanyaan Umum (FAQ): Cimanggis-Cibitung Toll Road

Q: What is the length of the Cimanggis-Cibitung toll road?
A: The Cimanggis-Cibitung toll road is 26.18 kilometers long.

Q: When was the Cimanggis-Cibitung toll road inaugurated?
A: The toll road was inaugurated on Tuesday, July 9, 2024.

Q: Who inaugurated the Cimanggis-Cibitung toll road?
A: Vice President Ma’ruf Amin inaugurated the toll road.

Q: How much travel time does the Cimanggis-Cibitung toll road save?
A: The toll road reduces travel time between Cimanggis and Cibitung to around 30-45 minutes, compared to the previous 1-2 hours via arterial roads.

Q: What are the main benefits of the Cimanggis-Cibitung toll road?
A: The main benefits include reduced travel time, improved inter-regional connectivity, enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of economic activities, and potential long-term economic opportunities.

Q: How does the toll road impact the environment and local communities?
A: The toll road is expected to decrease vehicle emissions due to smoother traffic flow. It also prioritizes environmental and social aspects in its development, aiming for sustainable and equitable economic growth.

Q: Is the Cimanggis-Cibitung toll road part of any larger initiative?
A: Yes, it is part of the national strategic programs (PSN) aimed at boosting national connectivity and economic growth.

Q: What strategic messages did Vice President Ma’ruf Amin convey during the inauguration?
A: Vice President Ma’ruf Amin emphasized the importance of providing broad community benefits, adhering to environmental, social, and governance principles, and ensuring sustainability in toll road development.

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Q: What are the future expectations for the toll road?
A: The toll road is expected to open up new economic opportunities, support equitable development, and require regular maintenance to sustain its benefits.

Q: Where was the inauguration ceremony held?
A: The ceremony was held at the Cileungsi River Bridge KM 57+400 on the Cimanggis-Cibitung Toll Road in Cileungsi, Bogor.