West Java Regional Police Legal Counsel Present, Pegi Setiawan’s Pretrial Session Begins

INDONESIAUPDATES.COM, News En – The West Java Regional Police legal team finally attended Pegi Setiawan’s trial, Monday (1/7/2024), after not attending the trial at the Bandung District Court (PN) last week.

“Actually, we have a pretrial schedule from other police stations. There are other pretrial activities. God willing, today we can carry it out,” said Kombespol Nur Hadi Handayani, Head of Public Relations of the West Java Police, Monday (1/7/2024).

Pegi Setiawan’s pretrial hearing began at around 09.15 WIB. Sole judge Eman Sulaeman had summoned both the applicant’s and the respondent’s legal counsels first at the beginning of the hearing.

Previously, the Bandung District Court had postponed Pegi Setiawan’s initial pretrial hearing on June 24, 2024, because the respondent, namely the West Java Regional Police who were being sued by Pegi Setiawan, was not present.

Single judge Eman Sulaeman who presided over Pegi Setiawan’s pretrial hearing said that if the West Java Regional Police did not attend the pretrial hearing again this time, the trial would continue.

Previously, Pegi Setiawan’s attorney, Toni RM, stated that his party was now just waiting for evidence from West Java Regional Police investigators regarding the determination of Pegi Setiawan as a suspect.

“Since June 24, 2024, we as Pegi Setiawan’s legal advisors have been very ready to face the West Java Regional Police. We have presented the arguments in the pretrial application, and now we are waiting for answers, evidence and clues as a basis for investigators to name Pegi Setiawan as a suspect,” he said.

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